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JDental Care

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Clinic Managemnet System


Another step ahead.

JDEvolution® has been developed on the basis of the most advanced trends and the latest scientific findings in oral implantology.

The implant system JDEvolution® has been designed to ensure:

- Ease of use thanks to the exclusive design of the fixture and the single prosthetic platform for all implant diameters

- Flexibility for the dentist thanks to a full range of prosthetic components

- Predictable osseointegration thanks to a high primary stability even in compromised bone

- Soft tissues stability thanks to the Platform Switching concept


Safe as always, thinner than ever.

JDEvolution®S is a two-piece 3.2mm implant designed specifically for limited spaces in the esthetic zone.

It comes with a broad array of prosthetic options making it the perfect choice for high profile cases.


- High primary stability, even in tyoe 4 bone

- Self drilling and self cutting

- Redirecting capability for optimal placement

- Immediate function capability

- Built-in platform switching

- Solves tight spacing problems


Semplicity and convenience.

The dental implant JDNow® has the following main characteristics:

- Universal implant for single and multiple prosthesis.

- One-piece dental implant, manufactured from one single piece of pure titanium, that includes the threaded body and the abutment in a single component.

- Cylindrical-conical design that imitates the natural tooth root, allowing a better respect of the anatomy of alveolar processes and a better preparation of the implant site.

- Optimized thread design to increase the contact surface between bone and implant and primary stability. - Transgingival positioning in a single phase.

- Specifically designed for immediate function.

- Possibility to have a prepared abutment, for optimal aesthetic, or a straight one to allow an easier implant insertion.

The one-piece dental implant JDNow® allows:

- Flapless surgery with consequent less patient discomfort, less marginal bone trauma, reduction of work time for the dentist.

- Less crestal bone resorption compared to traditional implants caused by the inflammatory infiltrate that takes place at the fixture-abutment connection.

- The one-piece design eliminates the positioning of the secondary components, saving time and improving the soft tissue recovery.

- A provisional restoration immediately after the implant insertion, allowing for the mucosal epithelium and the connective tissue adhesion to form coronal to the alveolar crest.

- A maximum robustness and stability.


Superior performance and design.

The torque wrench JDTorque®, patent pending, has been designed and developed both for surgical and prosthetic use.

Product characteristics:

- Torque measurement from 10 to 80 Ncm (with intervals of 5 Ncm)

- Usable with every implant system with an appropriate adapter

- Usable as torque wrench or fixed wrench

- Manufactured in PEEK, an innovative polymer that adds elasticity, mechanical resistance, lightness to the possibility to undergo thousands of sterilization cycles at temperatures up to 134°C without changing its mechanical characteristics

- One instrument both for surgical and prosthetic use

- Ergonomic design

- Do not require any assembling or disassembling procedure allowing to economize time during the care and maintenance operations

x-on nxt

Intraoral X-rays should be quick, digitally available right at the chair, and feature high diagnostic image quality. Time-consuming and polluting film development processes are a thing of the past.

Cutting-edge sensor technology ensures optimal image sharpness

Mobile, multi-workstation capable system through USB plug-and-play box

Attractive ergonomics designed to fit the mouth – in two sizes, “small”    and "medium"

byzz provides you with mature image consultation software. Display and    archive with a single click

Best of all: x–on nxt includes your choice of a 2-year warranty or a 5-year    warranty on the sensor – making x–on nxt a future-proof, visionary choice.


The periodontal status is part of the regular patient status and is increasingly included in dental hygiene as well. This allows the early detection of periodontosis and minimisation of risks. pa-on facilitates determining the periodontal status and provides automated visualisation of results for the patient.

Calibrated, low-pain measurement, always exerting precisely 20 g of    pressure

Hygienic single-use syringes

Your choice of method – all common measurement methods for    determining the periodontal status can be selected"

Cable-free probe with automated data transmission from the docking    station

Software visualisation of the periodontal status and course

Integration in byzz and all common billing programs

No need for dental assistant

Product videos

Technology overview

Only available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Middle East.

60 % of all carious lesions are not detected in the practice. That is unacceptable. Early diagnosis and treatment of caries is important, particularly in the context of preventive measures in children, adolescents and known risk groups  . CarieScan PRO is verifiably the most accurate and reliable caries detection unit.

CarieScan PRO ist nachweisbar das genaueste und zuverlässigste Gerät zur Karieserkennung.

ACIST technology (Alternating Current Impedance Spectroscopy Technique) uses    impedance measurements to correctly and reliably identify 94.8 % of healthy and    94.8 % of carious sites.

Diagnostic accuracy has been tested and proven in numerous studies.

Clinical testing completed by Prof. Nigel Pitts

Pain-free, radiation-free, high prophylaxis standard

Private billing options

Cable-free, light and ergonomic design

LCD Display:
   Display of measurement results, system messages
   Selected tooth surface
   Status display battery / Bluetooth

LED colour display:
   Simple display of results
   Results immediately displayed
   LED colour display visible from both sides

    High-precision measurements
   Exact localisation of lesions
   Sterile single use
   Prevention of cross-infection


Go for prevention! smart-pad uses the same successful concept as its big brother PAD PLUS. However, smart-pad is specifically tailored to the needs and applications in dental prophylaxis and periodontology. Deep, inflamed pockets will be a thing of the past. In addition, you will provide your patients with a sense of well-being and optimal prevention. A concept with a vision. And that is something to smile about!.

Easy integration into your usual prophylaxis process, fast results: Apply the    photo-active substance (tolonium chloride solution 12.7 µg/ml) and activate with    red LED light.

Effective disinfection for prophylaxis and periodontology: The bacterial outer cell    wall is selectively destroyed; 99.99 % of bacteria are killed within seconds, and    the bacteria do not develop resistance.

Time savings – shorter treatment times, so that treatments may be completed in    a single session

Preservation of supportive tissues in periodontal disease without administration of    antibiotics

Preservation of the dental hard substance in minimally invasive procedures;    support of natural remineralisation

Take advantage of attractive treatment and billing options for prophylaxis and    periodontology

smart-pad FAQs

Available from March 2012.

            endo-safe is easy to operate and
            supports use with optical and
            acoustical signals.


For endodontic treamtent to be successful, the root canal must be absolutely free of bacteria before it is filled. Laser or photo-activated disinfection or rinse disinfection require maximum root canal preparation and are suboptimal for the disinfection of lateral channels. endo-safe is the superior option..

Minimally invasive disinfection of the root canal using high frequency impulses

Maximum microbe removal through the controlled thermal effect plus destruction    of the bacterial cell membrane through electromagnetic impulses – even in the    lateral channels

Safe application: The integrated apex locator ensures that the impulses are    emitted at the right distance to the apex.

Low-pain treatment: The integrated pulse modulation can emit weaker
   pre-impulses for desensitisation – naturally, in addition to anaesthesia.

Portable use: endo-safe is battery-operated and is easily and quickly available
   in various treatment rooms.


Whether intraoral camera, intraoral x-ray sensor, digital OPG, storage plate scanner or your everyday digital camera. With byzz you control all the digital devices used in your practice on one platform. Every handle within reach. In addition byzz offers many tools for patient consultation and marketing.

Uniform operation and direct control of all digital devices on one software platform - that simplifies operation and minimizes training expenses

Central image database with direct allocation to the patient's data from the accounting software - which increases data security

Specific image processing functions - so you can get the most out of every image

Sales and consulting support using explanatory brochures, before-and-after pictures, image catalogs and slide shows - you can optimally inform you patients, provide decision-making assistance for treatment selection and professionally document the results

Should you have any question, orangedental is always available - hotline support 7 days/week

With a software maintenance contract (option), you are always on the cutting edge of technology

byzz has a modular structure. Select modules according to which digital devices you would like to use in your practice. byzz contains a 10-user network license.

byzz base is the base module and contains the database, the connection to the accounting program as well as the basic functions for image processing

byzz cam integrates intraoral cameras

byzz sense integrates intraoral x-ray sensors

byzz pan integrates digital panoramic x-ray machines

byzz content provides content and accessory functions for patient consultations and marketing

byzz maintenance contract - always up to date With the maintenance contract you receive regular program updates



Image consulting software

ibyzz - love at first byzz .


byzz makes the images available in one folder. This folder is managed from a local FTP server. The iPad/iPhone retrieves the data per FTP from the local FTP server. This requires an initial setting and then works with the touch of button.





   Dental Surgery

   The intrinsic characteristics and high quality of Bioteck bone substitutes makes them the best alternative to autologous bone
   grafts. The exclusive manufacturing system enables all elements that may even only potentially be immunogenic to be removed,
   respecting the biological and biomechanical characteristics of the grafts.

   Bioteck bone substitutes for dental surgery are available in a wide range of formats:granules, granules in gel and mouldable
   paste and are completed by practical, easily-applied collagen membranes for GBR.The many different formats enable the dental
   surgeon to identify the application technique most appropriate to the case at hand, sure of finding an effective solution for his

    Granular bone substitutes

Granular bone substitutes are the most used, traditional format. Bioteck granular grafts are available in different formats.

The standard granule size, 0.5 – 1 mm is applied in most cases. Greater granule size is indicated specifically for sinus lift.

Granular grafts are available as cancellous granules, cortical granules or a
mixture of both. Spongy granules remodels in 4-6 months, cortical granules
in 8-12 months.

Cancellous granules should be grafted in small, 4-walls cavities. If the volume is greater and bone walls are missing, cortical granules are preferred.

The mixture has both components and can be used for all the applications.


Brochure Dental Surgery
Article codes Applications

   Bio-Gen spongy


   granules from 0,5 a 1mm
   6 bottles each 0,5 g ≈ 1 cc

   granules from 2 a 3 mm
   6 bottles each 1 g ≈ 2 cc

   Bio-Gen cortical

   granules from 0,5 a 1 mm
   6 bottles each 0,5 g ≈ 1 cc

   Bio-Gen Mix

   (spongy cortical granules)

   granules from 0,5 a 1 mm
   6 bottles each 0,5 g ≈ 1 cc

  • Periodontal defects
  • Peri-implant defects
  • Post extractive sockets
  • Sinus lift

    Granular Gel Bone Substitutes

Granular gel bone substitutes are a mixture of cortical-cancellous granules (Bio-Gen Mix), and water-based gel.

The standard granule size, 0.5 – 1 mm is correct for most indications.

The mixture contains spongy granules, which remodel in 4-6 months, and cortical granules that remodel in 8-12 months.

The advantage of the gel format is the smaller probability of contamination of the graft, since the hydration phase is not necessary.


Brochure Dental Surgery
Article codes Applications

   Bio-Gen Mix Gel
   (cortical-spongy granules in gel)

   3 syringes

   3 syringes
   0.5 cc

  • Peri-implant defects
  • Sinus lift (Summers)

    Modulable Paste

The mouldable bone paste Bio-Gen Putty is a mixture of cancellous bone granules and collagen extracted from the Achille’s tendon. It has the shape of a cylinder of lyophilized paste.

Granules size is standard, 0.5 – 1 mm, and remodelling time is 4-6 months.

Bio-Gen Putty, once hydrated, becomes a ready to use mouldable paste.


Brochure Dental Surgery
Article codes Applications

   Bio-Gen Putty (mouldable paste)
   6 bottles, each 0,5 g ≈ 1 cc

  • Post-extractive sockets
  • Bone cysts


Bio-Gen blocks are rigid, cancellous bone blocks.

Remodeling time is an average of 6-8 months, depending on the anatomical conditions of the site being grafted and on the type of surgery performed.

Before being placed they must be shaped with rotating instruments in order to guarantee the best possible contact with the patient's bone.

Proper fixation is mandatory. The use of a long-lasting membrane (pericardium or cortical membrane) is mandatory.

Proper flap management is necessary.


Brochure Dental Surgery
Article codes Applications

   Bio-Gen cancellous block
   1 pc. 10 x 10 x 10 mm

   Bio-Gen cancellous block
   1 pc. 10 x 10 x 20 mm

   Bio-Gen cancellous wedge
   1 pc. 25 x 10 x 5 mm (final 2 mm)

  • Vertical ridge augmentation (onlay) – maxilla only
  • Vertical ridge augmentation (inlay)
  • Horizontal ridge augmentation

    Cancellous or Cortical Flex Sheet

Flexible sheets are bone sheets made flexible through a proprietary demineralisation process.

Flexibility means easy adaptation to curve profiles, with no need for shaping with rotating instruments.

Spongy sheets remodel in 4-6 months, and are therefore recommended for two-step implant placements, where second surgery time must be predictable.

Cortical sheets remodel in more than 12 months. The proper use is for one-step implant placement.

Both grafts need proper, stable fixation. Proper flap management is mandatory.


Brochure Dental Surgery
Article codes Applications

   Osteoplant cortical flex
   1 pc 25 x 25 x 2-2.5 mm

   Osteoplant cancellous flex
   1 pc 25 x 25 x 3 mm

  • Horizontal and/or vertical ridge augmentation.

    Collagenen Membrane

The Biocollagen membrane, made of collagen from Achille's tendon, is particularly easy to handle. The protection time is 4-6 weeks. After this period, the barrier effect is no more guaranteed, and resorption begins. It is the best option to cover small defects, where regeneration occurs rapidly. If left dry, works as haemostatic and it is initially rigid. This can help to contain granular grafts.


Brochure Dental Surgery
Article codes Applications

   6 membranes in separate bottles
   membrane da 25 x 25 x 0,2 mm

  • Peri-implant defects
  • Post-extractive sockets
  • Small bone losses
  • To cover the sinus access window
  • To repair small tearings of the sinus membrane

    Cortical Membrane

The cortical membrane is a thin layer of cortical bone made flexible thanks to a proprietary demineralisation process.

The advantage of this membrane is the long protection time: histologics show it is still occlusive after 6 months from being grafted. Nonetheless it is totally remodelable, so there is no need for second surgery to remove it.

It is indicated to protect all those graft when regeneration is believed to occur slowly (lacking of bone walls, great volume to be regenerated).

Proper fixation is mandatory.


Brochure Dental Surgery
Article codes Applications

   Osteoplant cortical membrane
   25 x 25 x 0.2 mm

   Osteoplant cortical membrane
   50 x 25 x 0.2 mm

  • Vertical and/or horizontal ridge augmentation

    Collagen gel

Collagen gel is a paste made of collagen from Achille's tendon and water-based gel. Some small

Collagen gel is a paste that is used to stabilise granular grafts. If defects are small (e.g. peri-implant defects, small dehiscences), it can provide a good alternative to standard collagen membrane.

It works also as a haemostatic agent.

It may not be used as a graft itself, but only as stabilisation/protection.


Brochure Dental Surgery
Article codes Applications

   Biocollagen Gel Collagen gel
   3 syr 1 ml/syr

  • To protect/stabilised granular grafts.


Introduction of JD Implant

System( Reverse Cutting )

Case Sharing Volume 1

( Immediate Replacement )

Case Sharing Volume 2

( Immediate Replacement )

Immediate Replacement with PAD

(Photo Activated Disinfection) Vol. 1


Version 0.1.1

Released on January 20th, 2013
  • New7 Unique Function
  •  Finger Print/ Memory Card Recognize System
     Unique Real Time Patient Quwuing Function
     Patient Recall System (SMS, Email, Whatsapp)
     Barcoded System for Inventory and Drugs Usages (Support Barcode & QR Code)
     Animated Charting for Dental Consulation
     Traditional Patient Card Scanning / Importing / Searching System
     One Click Crystal Report for Your Accountant / Audition
     Support iPhone / iPad / iTouch (Progarm Viewer / Barcode scanner / Signature Tablet / Photo    Canera)

Version 0.1.0

Released on December 10th, 2012
  • NewUser Friendly Interface Development
 Whole in One UI Design
 Less Pages Swapping
 Support Mouse Click & Screen Touch
 Support HD 1920 X 1080
 Action Scripted Alert Dydtem(e.g Patient History, Drugs)


  • "FDI Hong Kong 2012"

  • "ADEEC DUBAI 2012"

  • "17th Dental South Chine International Expo 2012"



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